Friends of the Library Sale

Are you a nerd living in Jacksonville, Florida with nothing to do this weekend? Do you suffer from bibliomania? Do the stacks and stacks of (unread) books cluttering your living space do nothing to prevent you from buying even more books? If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, then mosey on down to (or alternately, simply drive to) the illustrious Jacksonville Fairgrounds for the Friends of the Library book sale. Located in glamorous Exhibit Hall B, the sale promises “7 tractor trailer loads of books; 50% donated; 50% hardcover; sorted; .50 & up.” It’s unclear what the exact breakdown of these books will be (are the half that are donated mutually exclusive from the half that are hardcover? You’ll just have to go and see!)


(For the record, I look just the same as the woman pictured above does when I read–calm, cool, and reflective, my fist poised gently (philosophically even) under my chiseled chin, book perched  delicately in my manicured hand, thinking deep and profound thoughts)
The details:

Jacksonville Fair Grounds (Exhibit Hall B)

Friday, March 2nd 10am-8pm

Saturday, March 3rd 10am-6pm

Sunday, March 4th noon-6pm

3 thoughts on “Friends of the Library Sale”

  1. From the “Religion” section, I scored a copy of Lu Yi’s The Carnal Prayer Mat, a fabulous (and banned) novel of 18th-century Chinese erotica. Yeaaaaaah!

    But seriously: what was with all the Ernest Norman books on Unarius press? He’s the world-class nutcase whose wife Uriel founded the UFO “Unarian” cult. Must’ve seen 50 of his books, all hardcover, pristine, and absolutely wiggedy-wack.


  2. …not to mention like every single Indigo Girls album ever.
    Forbidden Chinese erotica?
    I’ll be reporting on all my wonderful finds later this week…(keep holding your breath, gentle readers!)


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