Jesus Warrior


I love WordPress. I was searching through random blogs, and I came across the Jesus Warrior (A Homeschooler’s Life). This kid has potential. Check it out. Through JW I hooked up to Answers in Genesis, where I found out all sorts of interesting stuff. Need to know what those cavemen really are? (descendants of Noah, silly!) Want to get the low-down on the Hobbit Bone wars? Or while we’re on the subject, how about soggy dwarf bones? Or this nugget–“Are black people the result of a curse on Ham?” (No, silly–in the past the bible story of Noah and his children may have been used to support certain cultural positions (and said cultural positions may have been presented as and purported to be scientific facts) but that’s all in the past–today’s creation scientists would never fall into such nonsense!) AiG is good stuff–and best of all, it proudly provides not just the “layman’s terms” but also the “semi-technical terms” you’ll need to dazzle your friends with your mad science skills!

5 thoughts on “Jesus Warrior”

  1. Praise the Lord! Thanks for turning me onto “Answers in Genesis.” I will never have to look up scientific answers to anything ever again!


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