Night Moves

OK armchair psychologists, what make ye of this–

Early this morning as I was deep in sleep, I (according to my lovely wife) began mumbling loudly.

Said she–“What did you say?”

Said I–“Thick balls”

Said she-“What did you say?”

Said I–“Vortex”

Said she–“What did you say?”

Said I–“Transformers”

Am I OK?

2 thoughts on “Night Moves”

  1. I’m not sure about the “Thick balls” one, but “Vortex” and “Transformers” seem like a good direction. Kind of a sci-fi dream with a hint of spaghetti…

    One of my dream words: A yelled “DeathMatch!”

    Apparently I promote fights in my sleep…


  2. Actually, I watched Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” before I went to sleep the morning of those mumbles…it includes a vagina-like vortex, plenty of odd transformations, and some weird sex. I had forgotten about it until you mentioned sci-fi; I’m sure it somehow informed my dream.
    Maybe you weren’t promoting the fight–maybe you were in it.


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