Leaking Most Interesting Colors


We here at Biblioklept, Inc. couldn’t be more stoked for Strawberry Jam. We all know that strawberry jam is delicious on crumpets (and if you don’t know the tasty delights of jam-on-crumpets, I suggest you indulge yourself posthaste) and Animal Collective’s new record Strawberry Jam, set to drop sometime in September on their new label Domino, will no doubt prove delicious to the ears–the perfect aural jelly for beach blanket parties and midsummer night campfires. Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs and Feels were instant classics of the oughties, and Panda Bear’s sumptuous solo album Person Pitch has provided the sing-along soundtrack for both spring and summer around the Biblioklept offices. Seriously, I’ve never heard an album as sing-allongable as Person Pitch. We love it love it love it &c.

Anyway, studio versions of Strawberry Jam‘s first three tracks (I’m basing the idea that these are the first three tracks on the album based on this track list) have been popping up here and there in the last week. These new tracks preserve the psycho-circus-carnival feel that defines the Animal Collective sound, with the creepy darkness and noise of previous albums like Here Comes the Indian seemingly absent (despite lyrics about Jack the Ripper in “Unsolved Mysteries”). We like “Chores” the best so far–but what do you think? Mp3s below–


“Unsolved Mysteries”


3 thoughts on “Leaking Most Interesting Colors”

  1. bibli…is it ok if i call you that?

    i have most of the tracks on my slsk…next time you’re on check them out. it’s quite a departure into weirdom, and the track For Reverend Green definitely has some dark & creepy going on. Winter Wonder Land is awesome. the songs may not really hit the spot upon first listen, but further inspection made me love them. i’m pretty much always genuinely surprised by Animal Collective, which is more than i can say for virtually any band out there. i don’t think Strawberry Jam will top Person Pitch (for me at least), but it’s certainly another innovation in sound deliciousness courtesy of what is, for me, the best band of the last, i dunno, several decades.


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