Resident Genius Samuel Kimball to Speak at UNF


UNF English Professor and super smart genius Sam Kimball will give a talk entitled “When Does Jesus Smile?” on October 11, at 7:00 pm in the UNF Gallery. In the talk, Dr. Kimball will explain the thesis and outline the content of his new book, The Infanticidal Logic of Evolution and Culture. Dr. Kimball has also promised to try to answer the question posed in the title of his presentation.

Dr. Kimball specializes in psychoanalysis and deconstruction. He’s an expert in sci-fi movies and Greek myths, etymology and pop culture, nineteenth-century American literature and Derrida (basically, all that is cool). Dr. Kimball tends to produce disciples instead of students. He’s consistently challenging, bewildering, enlightening, and affirming, one of those teachers who manages to turn a “no” into a “yes.” Plus, his initials spell “A.S.K.” So there’s that. The UNF Gallery isn’t that big, and space will undoubtedly fill up quickly. Check it out if you can.

6 thoughts on “Resident Genius Samuel Kimball to Speak at UNF”

  1. Sam would probably discourage use of the term “disciple” in relation to his students. His lectures and this very wonderful book you mention deconstruct transcendenalism, a philosophical movement that presupposes a pseudo social hierachy. We all participate in the same Darwinian struggle for survival. Nobody escapes, not even Jesus. In fact, Jesus’ biggest problem was his disciples; they were the first to institutionalize his anti-institutional teachings. Mark’s Gospel, in fact, show how Jesus was often frustrated by their ignorance. That said, Sam does teach the lessons of the historical Jesus: the “let the children come to me” Jesus, not the Paulinian Messiah figure that will one day return and destroy the earth.

    Anyway I highly recommend this book, probably the most well-researched piece of literature I ever had the good fortune of reading.


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