50 Great Guitarists, All Better Than Slash (In No Particular Order)–Part VII

31. Kevin Shields

Kevin Shields claims that a “new” My Bloody Valentine record will come out this year. Hold your breath. Anyway. Kevin Shields. Loveless. Yeah, that was really good. “If They Move, Kill ‘Em (MBV Arkestra),” I like that too. MBV–never really made a good video.

32. Peter Hook

Don’t start with me. I know Peter Hook played bass. Bass is a guitar, right? I love New Order. Who can deny Peter Hook’s iconic bass leads. Sure, Bernard Sumner had that jangly thing down, but, c’mon, “Ceremony”? “Disorder”? “Temptation”? “Blue Monday”? “Perfect Kiss”? “Love Vigilantes”? Give me a break, those are perfect songs, and you know it’s because of Hook’s sweet lines. Shit, even “Regret” is awesome. Peter Hook is too good. Sumner looks kind of like Thomas Lennon playing Lt. Dangle in this vid:

33. Ash Bowie & 34. Dave Brylawski

Polvo never got their due. Maybe they’ll get a renaissance one day. They were the loudest band I’ve ever seen (they permanently damaged my hearing). They were one of the first bands I listened to where I said “What the fuck is this?” Great stuff, bendy electric. Chewy churny. I saw them cover “Fly Like an Eagle” at Merge Record’s fifth anniversary party. Ash Bowie played what looked like a little SK1. He kicked a stool at the girls from Tsunami, who were filming the show.

35. Joey Santiago

Joey Santiago was in this band called the Pixies who were pretty good.

1 thought on “50 Great Guitarists, All Better Than Slash (In No Particular Order)–Part VII”

  1. These guitarists are all Pure Diamond Gold! Have you ever listened to Victor Villarreal who (among many others) plays with ‘Owls’? Owls formed from the remains of CapN’ Jazz, and if you haven’t listened to this guy play guitar already, you really should! Also, have you seen the Polvo videos posted on YouTube? Check them out, there great!

    and if you were interested in Owls!


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