Steve Fossett Fan Fiction Contest

Last week, millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett was declared legally dead after having been missing since fall of last year when his single-engine plane disappeared in Nevada. Neither Fossett’s body or his plane were found, but nevertheless, on November 26, 2007 his wife petitioned to have him declared legally dead.


Fossett set 116 records over his lifetime, including feats in ballooning, aviation, and sailing that still stand. His career as an adventurer is so storied and fascinating that we at Biblioklept refuse to believe that Fossett died; in fact, we propose that he’s still alive, in the midst of some new adventure, perhaps of the time-traveling or extra-dimensional exploration variety, no doubt as secret as it is mind-shattering.


What do you think? Take part in Biblioklept’s Steve Fossett Fan Fiction Contest. Where is Fossett now, and what marvelous adventuring is he up to? Entries should be mailed (no attachments, please!) to, or, alternately (preferably) posted in the comments section below. All entries will be considered the owned intellectual property of the original author. The contest is open until a year from today. The winner of the contest, chosen by the Biblioklept and His Esteemed Council, will receive their choice of a dirty postcard or a stolen book, chosen by the Biblioklept.

2 thoughts on “Steve Fossett Fan Fiction Contest”

  1. steve took off in his plane and then decided to get out of the cockpit and stand on one of the wings while the plane was gliding. A giant eagle grabbed him and brought him off to his nest. Steve has now being fed on rattle snakes an other creatures ever since and he is currently learning how to fly with his new growing wings. He has two little eagle brothers and one sister living with him on the top of the nevada mountains. He will then be the first human-eagle being to attempt a “around the world” record!
    Good luck steve.


  2. The government asked Mr. Fosset to participate in a advanced technology research programme. He was interested but had to leave everything behind him. Old adventurer dog that he is, he accepted. He flew to the Nevada mountains where the secret project is under development. The facility is actually under the mountains and can only be accessed through an opening in them. He flew right in, disappearing from the surface of the earth. Not beyond the sky, but beyond the ground.


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