Aldous Huxley, Deckle Edges, Weird Books, and a Dead McSweeney

Odds n’ ends:

Via Swen’s Weblog — download mp3s of Aldous Huxley narrating Brave New World. Music by Bernard Herrman, who you, of course, will remember from his work with Alfred Hitchcock. That cover alone is more fun than a game of Centrifugal Bumble-puppy.

At The Millions — C. Max Magee waxes aesthetic (and perhaps nostalgic) on deckle-edge pages.

From Abe Books — Spend some time in their Weird Book Room.

The Guardian reports — Timothy McSweeney has died. Apparently, Dave Eggers decided to name his quarterly literary journal after some dude who wrote weird letters to his mom whose maiden name was the same. According to McSweeney’s family, holmes was a painter of some talent: “The canvasses he leaves behind are filled with haunting and beautiful imagery. They are also filled with a palpable desire – to be heard, to connect, to be understood better by others and himself.”

Your thoughts?

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