Roger Ebert’s Lovely, Sarcastic Tweets about E-books

Great series of tweets today from Roger Ebert about e-books. Here’s what he’s done so far–

Here’s my old e-book “10,000 Jokes, Toasts and Stories,” and written inside “To my boy Roger from Daddy.”

Look at this theater ticket stub I found! I used it in an old e-book, from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Needed: New Yorker cover showing Dr. Johnson in his library, a cup of tea at hand, with shelves and piles of his e-books.

I found this e-book on a top shelf of a used e-book store. Its cover somehow reached out to me.

I love to relax in my library and let my eyes stray over my e-books, each one triggering its own response.

We only met in the first place because she spotted the cover of the e-book I was reading across the aisle on the train.

Great stuff!

3 thoughts on “Roger Ebert’s Lovely, Sarcastic Tweets about E-books”

    1. i read the piece, and i think it gels w/ ebert’s tweets–only i think his little posts are more visceral and get to the core of the issues (format i suppose). one of my favorite things is to riffle through someone’s books if i go to their house. i had two sets of overnight house guests in two weeks and they went through my books, pulled them out, looked at the covers, asked about them etc. i think “real books” are here to stay.


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