“Ideology Is a Wall Between Communication and People” — Alfonso Cuarón

3 thoughts on ““Ideology Is a Wall Between Communication and People” — Alfonso Cuarón”

    1. Most definitely. I like Del Toro’s films (although I couldn’t really get into the Hellboy pics, even though they were visually interesting) — especially The Devil’s Backbone — but yeah, they don’t approach Cuaron. And I don’t even rate the other guy, who I guess is just there because he also is Mexican and released an acclaimed film that year also. I’m psyched about Cuaron’s new film Gravity though!


  1. Guillermo just seems like kind of a loser to me. I feel bad sort of picking on him, but the guy has all the resources in the world to basically make whatever movies he wants and yet he seems more interested in sitting around drawing pictures of dragons all day long. Inarritu has always just seemed like a prick, but at his best he’s pretty skilled. The japanese section of babel is a wonderful movie (especially the club scene, which was astounding in the theater) and his one from last year, Biutiful was the best thing he’s made.

    It’s cool the three have been friends for so long and all help eachother, but yeah Cuaron is very obviously the older brother here.


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