4 thoughts on “NEVER FORGET”

  1. Appropriately corny. Now, for Whitney Huston at the bowl singing the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful. Shakes ’em loose every time.


    1. Jimi’s rendition of the ☆Star Spangled Banner gives me goosebumps. Bring memories of the good old days.
      I particularly like these two renditions: SLASH vs DJ ASHBA ~ NATIONAL ANTHEM 2010 on YouTube. I am glad I can appreciate both of them and not have to choose which one is better. That’s the American way. Whitney’s rendition sung before an audience of millions after 911 is the most stirring for me.


  2. This video has inspired me. I’m spending the day on the edge of a cliff overlooking the lake, dramatically back-lit, waving a huge US flag. See you tomorrow.


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