Rebekah Del Rio performs “No Stars” on Twin Peaks


Nirvana at the Radio Shack in ’88

Maybe you already saw this over the July Fourth weekend but I didn’t, somehow, so…

Prince on birthdays

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”

“Janitor” (live) — Suburban Lawns

Turtles have short legs

David Berman goes to Israel in the 2007 documentary Silver Jew

“Old Jerusalem” — Palace Music

“See My Jumper Hanging On the Line” — R.L. Burnside

R.L. Burnside at home in Independence, Mississippi in the summer of 1978.

From Alan Lomax’s American Patchwork Project.

Bonus track:

I say madness is too pure like mother sky

A marvelously weird Matching Mole performance on French TV, 1972

Vámonos para La Habana

“Spoon” (Live & Long) — Can

RIP Jaki Liebezeit

“All art constantly aspires to something something music”


Paul Bowles describes a Moroccan trance dance of self-mutilation

Drugs won’t change you / Religion won’t change you