“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”


“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music”


Miles Davis recording the score for Louis Malle’s film Elevator to the Gallows


RIP Mark E. Smith, 1957-2018

Start choppin

I ♡ a millionaire

I want a funny face

“Pink Turns to Blue” (Live in ’87) –Hüsker Dü

RIP Grant Hart, 1961-2017

RIP Holger Czukay


RIP Holger Czukay, 1938-2017

Yesterday, Rolling Stone and other sources reported the death of musician Holger Czukay.

Czukay is probably most famous as the throbbing heart of Can, but he also recorded many solo albums and was a frequent collaborator with other artists across many genres.

It’s hard to find another run of albums as perfect as Can’s output in the early 1970s—Tago MagoEge Bamyasi, and Future Days are flawless in my book.

These albums have brought me good times and good grooves for decades now. I’ll always be especially thankful to Czukay for one particular moment in my life—I was 19, relaxing in a bathtub, blaring Monster Movie on my stereo—a particular bass frequency rumbled a bar of soap and sent it smoothly sliding into the water. The moment was somehow epiphanic for me, illustrating a relationship between time, space, and matter. And music.


Vincent Van Jonathan

“The Curse” — Bonnie Prince Billy and The Roots of Music

“Baby” — Suburban Lawns

Rebekah Del Rio performs “No Stars” on Twin Peaks

Nirvana at the Radio Shack in ’88

Maybe you already saw this over the July Fourth weekend but I didn’t, somehow, so…

Prince on birthdays

Mike Watt does Finnegans Wake

Mike Watt and Adam Harvey adapted the “Shem the Penman” episode of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake for the Waywords and Meansigns project. Raymond Pettibon provided an illustration.

Check it out.

“Janitor” (live) — Suburban Lawns