Prince on birthdays


Mike Watt does Finnegans Wake

Mike Watt and Adam Harvey adapted the “Shem the Penman” episode of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake for the Waywords and Meansigns project. Raymond Pettibon provided an illustration.

Check it out.

“Janitor” (live) — Suburban Lawns

Turtles have short legs

David Berman goes to Israel in the 2007 documentary Silver Jew

“Old Jerusalem” — Palace Music

“See My Jumper Hanging On the Line” — R.L. Burnside

R.L. Burnside at home in Independence, Mississippi in the summer of 1978.

From Alan Lomax’s American Patchwork Project.

Bonus track:

I say madness is too pure like mother sky

A marvelously weird Matching Mole performance on French TV, 1972

Vámonos para La Habana

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of Pharoah Sanders”

“Spoon” (Live & Long) — Can

RIP Jaki Liebezeit

“All art constantly aspires to something something music”

Paul Bowles describes a Moroccan trance dance of self-mutilation

Drugs won’t change you / Religion won’t change you

“Last Year” (Live) — Jim O’Rourke