Untitled — Miki Kim

mk4Untitled, 2019 by Miki Kim


Typewriter — Konrad Klapheck


Typewriter, 1955 by Konrad Klapheck (b. 1935)

Mist II — Paula Rego

Mist II 1996 by Paula Rego born 1935

Mist II, 1996 by Paula Rego (b. 1935)

Portrait of Moerai Matuanui — Kehinde Wiley


Portrait of Moerai Matuanui, 2019 by Kehinde Wiley (b. 1977)

The Alchemist — Paulina Olowska


The Alchemist, 2015 by Paulina Olowska (b. 1976)

Poor Room — Ivan Albright


Poor Room – There is No Time, No End, No Today, No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, Only the Forever, and Forever and Forever Without End (The Window), 1943 by Ivan Albright (1897-1983)

Untitled — Edward Burra

Untitled, 1940 by Edward Burra (1905–1976)

Rescue Party — Robin F. Williams


Rescue Party, 2010 by Robin F. Williams (b. 1984)

The Cinema — William Roberts

The Cinema 1920 by William Roberts 1895-1980

The Cinema,1920, by William Roberts (1895–1980)

The Art Lover — Jansson Stegner

640 (1)

The Art Lover, 2015 by Jansson Stegner (b. 1972)

Circe — Elisabeth Frink

Circe 1973-4 by Dame Elisabeth Frink 1930-1993

Circe, 1974 by Elisabeth Frink (1930–1993). From Frink’s The Odyssey series.

A review of Jaime Hernandez’s latest Love & Rockets graphic novel, Is This How You See Me?

Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 12.24.58 PM

My review of Jaime Hernandez’s latest Love & Rockets graphic novel, Is This How You See Me?, is up now at The Comics Journal. First few grafs—

Can you ever really go home again?

This is the central question of Jaime Hernandez’s Is This How You See Me? Collecting serialized comics from the past five years into a cohesive graphic novel, Is This How You See Me? is a moving tale of friendship, aging, and how the past shapes how we see the present.

Is This How You See Me? takes place over a single weekend in the mid-2010s. Best friends Maggie and Hopey return to their childhood hometown Huerta (or “Hoppers,” in Love & Rockets slang) for a punk rock reunion party and concert.

Read the whole review. 

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Rear Window Timelapse

Rear Window Timelapse by Jeff Desom/Alfred Hitchcock.

Incidentally (Peanuts)

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 10.13.44 AM

Theseus and the Minotaur — Paul Reid 


Theseus and the Minotaur, 2009 by Paul Reid (b. 1975)

La Suerte — Wyndham Lewis

La Suerte 1938 by Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957

La Suerte 1938, by Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

Proof — Kenton Nelson


Proof by Kenton Nelson (b. 1954)