Sheltering in Place — Gregory Ferrand 

Sheltering in Place, 2019 by Gregory Ferrand (b. 1975)

Trees and Books — Samplerman

Trees and Books, 2020 by Samplerman (Yvan Guillo)

Rough Nights — Rosa Loy

Rauhnächte (Rough Nights), 2020 by Rosa Loy (b. 1958)

Interval — Zsuzsi Roboz

Interval, 1975 by Zsuzsi Roboz (1939–2012)

Seated Woman — Rik Wouters

MSKG – Zittende vrouw bij het venster of Portret van Nel Duerinc

Seated Woman, 1915 by Rik Wouters (1882-1916)

Blossom — Erik Thor Sandberg

Blossom, 2018 by Erik Thor Sandberg (b. 1975)

North (1971 Ford Torino) — Eric White

North (1971 Ford Torino), 2020 by Eric White (b. 1968)

Study for Night Reading — Aron Wiesenfeld

Study for Night Reading, 2020 by Aron Wiesenfeld (b. 1972)

Perkus Tooth Still Life (Chronic City) — Tom Sanford

Perkus Tooth Still Life (Chronic City), 2016 by by Tom Sanford (b. 1975)

Thonet — Cinta Vidal

Thonet by Cinta Vidal (b. 1979)

Goethe in Purgatory — Thomas Theodor Heine

Goethe In Purgatory, 1932 by Thomas Theodor Heine (1867–1948). Via/more.

Untitled — Peter Busch

Untitled, 2020 by Peter Busch (b. 1971)

Atlantic Civilisation — André Fougeron

Atlantic Civilisation, 1953 by André Fougeron (1913–1998)

The Golden Section — Alejandro Pasquale

The Golden Section, 2018 by Alejandro Pasquale (b. 1984)

Reading to Celeste — Chelsea Gibson


Reading to Celeste, 2020 by Chelsea Gibson

Roommates — Roy Lichtenstein

Roommates, 1994 by Roy Lichtenstein (1923–1997)

Sketch of a Seated Man Reading — Eileen Agar

Sketch of a seated man reading by Eileen Agar 1899-1991

Sketch of a Seated Man Reading by Eileen Agar (1899–1991)