Miss Auras, The Red Book — John Lavery


Miss Auras, The Red Book, c. 1892 by John Lavery (1856–1941)

Gittel — Lucile Blanch 


Gittel, c. 1940 by Lucile Blanch (1895-1981)

Blue Nude — Hilary Harkness

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Blue Nude, 2014 by Hilary Harkness (b. 1971)

Hope, Faith, Charity — Jack Beal


Hope, Faith, Charity, 1978 by Jack Beal (1931–2013)

Girl in a Blue Dress — Philip Wilson Steer

Girl in a Blue Dress c.1891 by Philip Wilson Steer 1860-1942

Girl in a Blue Dress, c. 1891 by Philip Wilson Steer (1860–1942)

The Green Hammock — John Lavery


The Green Hammock, c. 1905 by John Lavery (1856–1941)

Girl in a Red Dress Reading by a Swimming Pool — John Lavery


Girl in a Red Dress Reading by a Swimming Pool, 1887 by John Lavery (1856–1941)

The Ledger — F. Scott Hess


The Ledger, 2009 by F. Scott Hess (b. 1955)

The Chess Players — John Lavery

The Chess Players 1929 by Sir John Lavery 1856-1941

The Chess Players, 1929 by John Lavery (1856–1941)

The Blind Reading Stories to Storyteller — Davor Gromilovic


The Blind Reading Stories to Storyteller, 2018 by Davor Gromilovic (b. 1985)

All the Pretty Horses (I See the Same Hoes) — Kathy Ager


All the Pretty Horses (I See the Same Hoes), 2019 by Kathy Ager (b. 1981)

Letter from a Far Place — Wang Yidong

Letter from a Far Place by Wang Yidong (b. 1955)

Mist II — Paula Rego

Mist II 1996 by Paula Rego born 1935

Mist II, 1996 by Paula Rego (b. 1935)

The Alchemist — Paulina Olowska


The Alchemist, 2015 by Paulina Olowska (b. 1976)

Proof — Kenton Nelson


Proof by Kenton Nelson (b. 1954)

Book Party — Jansson Stegner


Book Party, 2016 by Jansson Stegner (b. 1972)

Boy with Book — Quint Buchholz 


Boy with Book, 2013 by Quint Buchholz (b. 1957)