William H. Gass reads from his novel Middle C


William H. Gass reads from The Tunnel

John Berryman at the Brockport Writers Forum in October of 1970

Grainy black and white video of Alex Chilton & company making Like Flies on Sherbert

Tom Violence ’87

Like 8 minutes of Prince rehearsing “When Doves Cry” in 1984

William Gaddis: “The problem of writing with a message”

From Washington University’s marvelous Modern Literature Collection YouTube channel.

Beckett directs Beckett

Mitch Hedberg…Outside!

“Your Hard Work is About to Pay Off. Keep On Keeping On.” — Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Joanna Newsom’s “Divers” (directed by Paul Thomas Anderson)

“Then, I Will Love You Again” — Laetitia Sadier

“Times Square” — Destroyer

“There Sat Down, Once, a Thing on Henry’s Heart” — John Berryman

“Weather Vane” — Sam Prekop

The Thurston Moore Apartment Tour, 1988


I don’t know.


All of this made me laugh. Thurston Moore avoids being interviewed by riffing on the objects of the apartment he shared with (his then-spouse) Kim Gordon. He talks about his label Ecstatic Peace. He shares the old zines he made. He refers to the Beastie Boys as “legendary jerks.” He praises Michael Gira of the Swans. He showcases his files. He tries to give the director or cameraperson (?) a Sly Stone record. He grips an SST coffee mug, which hey why don’t I own that? He frequently praises Raymond Pettibon. He frequently worries that Ms. Gordon wouldn’t want him to be showing all this shit off. He frequently gets facts wrong. (Nick Cave is well known to be Australian). He discusses his bookshelf. He literally shows his dirty laundry. He plays a little piano. His tongue is always in his cheek. He eats shoe grapes. He fibs drolly. He is charismatic. He calls a suspicious Lee Renaldo about “Sonic business.” (Mr. Renaldo is watching Spinal Tap; both agree it’s a “very sad film”). He makes a case for Sonic Youth as a kind of pre-internet curatorial force. He makes me laugh.

Donald Barthelme interviewed by George Plimpton (Video)

From The University of Houston and via Jessamyn West.