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“A Lamp” — Tom Clark

tom clark

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“Spring” — William Carlos Williams

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“Litany” — Langston Hughes

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“Fire Spirit” — William Carlos Williams


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“Civilization — spurns — the Leopard!” — Emily Dickinson


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“I Felt Sick” — Tom Clark


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“One day is there of the series / Termed Thanksgiving day” — Emily Dickinson


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“In Defense of Mechanisms” — Colin James

“In Defense of Mechanisms” by Colin James                     Pursued, I ran on the litter strewn beach.                     Dogs howled, glancing back was not productive.                     Among the less than pristine dunes                     were painted signs conceived… Read More

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“Exceptions to the Instinctual” — Colin James

“Exceptions to the Instinctual” by Colin James              The Draculaian fang              is really only for grip.              Mouth forms a salacious              sucker draining the body              of all its fluids.              The heart an aperitif.              Don’t listen… Read More

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RIP Tom Clark

RIP Tom Clark, 1941-2018 The American poet Tom Clark died in the first hour of Saturday, August 18th, 2018 in Berkely California. The cause of the death happened a few hours earlier, late Friday night, as a motorist collided his sedan into Tom Clark as… Read More

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“The Girl” — William Carlos Williams

the girl

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“Eternity Time Share Rebus” — Tom Clark

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