Ben Marcus Riffs on Ovid’s Metamorphoses


Film of Max Ernst Working in His Studio

W.G. Sebald Reads from His Novel Austerlitz at the 92nd Street Y (Video)

W. G. Sebald reading from his novel Austerlitz at 92nd Street Y. October 15, 2001, just two months before his death.

He later takes questions (beginning at the 28 minute mark), including a discussion of how he uses photography in his work. Susan Sontag then takes a question in which she addresses “cowboy rhetoric” after 9/11. They then discuss which of their books might be their “favorite.”

(Via prefer-not-to on Twitter).

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“Headache” — Frank Black

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Lydia Davis Reads “Once a Very Stupid Man”

Film Footage of William Faulkner (1952)

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Kate Bush Interview (Old Grey Whistle, 1982)

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