The Magician — Ingmar Bergman

4 thoughts on “The Magician — Ingmar Bergman”

  1. This is an exquisite movie. This is one of those works that do not go out of date. You are on a roll, biblioklept. But I am headed to the beach to get good and drunk. Watch this later at night. In the full of the night.


      1. Oh my hay fever. 5 rum drinks and I can’t even feel it and I seldom drink. Tomorrow, Cedar Key, more salt water in the clear Gulf. Watch those little angel wings flutter along to the orgy. If bivalves can fly, why can’t I? Scallop season is open there, but I’ll let the other humans predate. All that work for such a tiny piece of meat (hooker joke).

        I downloaded Smiles of a Summer’s Night, and will try humor to clear my sinuses. There is a lot of Bergman on Utub!

        I just googled King of Hearts and discovered that it was originally in French. In case I am going to die from a stuffy nose, I want to see it again one last time.


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