Last Year at Marienbad — Alain Resnais (Full Film)

15 thoughts on “Last Year at Marienbad — Alain Resnais (Full Film)”

  1. This movie is a dream state which the Animator looped into a Mobius strip and the Projectionist set the date to random. The dream state continues into consciousness and awakeness continues into the dream state. Strange as it may seem, the characters are real persons. World without end….


    1. You must not have much to do if you watched this movie. And didn’t get it. Those people are real and they live that way. Now it is the Americans and the Russians who have nothing better to do. Watch out, here come the leisure Chinese.


    1. In the same manner that people watch macabre butcher movies and delve into the art of it all, I saw this movie when it premiered and saw it as an advancement in film making. Any thing but more sex and violence and voyeur audiences. Back in the days when people believed in socialism, and that it would deliver humankind from its sorry, stinking state. Now it seems kind of boring, considering all the end-time works that are so popular. Hurry and destroy us before we kill the planet.


    2. “Amelia” is actually one-time frequent Biblioklept commenter “Cory” posting under a different name/different email address (but same IP address).

      Cory wound up on a moderation list after posting a string of ad hominem attacks a few weeks ago. The moderation list holds comments for approval before they are published.

      To be very, very clear:

      I don’t like personal attacks and pointless negativity on this site or any other site or in “real life”. Commenters who frequently attack (the perceived personality of) other commenters will end up on a moderation list.

      If you want to engage critically with someone else’s ideas here, great. If you want to use this as a forum to be a dick: no. There are all kinds of places for that on the internet, but this isn’t one of them.


      1. My bad. I wasn’t offended by being called a twit, but I agree with you completely about your fine site not being turned into a diatribe pit. I am often unsure when I ‘poke’ at some body on the net if it will be considered a good-intended ribbing or just aggressive. No bad intentions towards Amelia. I was making fun of the possibility that she watched one of the most uneventfully boring films, in terms of plot, made until Warhol’s pre-Minimalist Empire State Building flick, which people flocked to to see, or at least his crowd did. My diatribe against slice and chop ‘cinema’ was a comment on how things have devolved since the social dialectic films of Resnais’ time. Art, especially moving pictures, truly reflects where ‘society is at’. Given very few choices of theatrical releases in the region where I live, I have sat through some bloody affairs recently. While the violence in Pacific Rim is remote, to say the least, all that shoot-em-up in Two Guns was so very formulaic that the excitement would have been better served by some break dance choreography. Funny, but gruesome, nonetheless. I like the flickering images for the escape they provide me from my cognitive mind, to be free of petty worries and fears, including very real physical fears, and like to leave the search for answers to the great question(s) to literature in its various manifestations. Now I’ll have to watch Marienbad a second time in this lifetime to find out if it means anything to me now. To get the taste out of my mouth, afterwards I’ll watch the latest version of Moby Dick to see if it compares to the Gregory Peck movie favorably. And then watch the older version to set things aright.


  2. Thank you, Biblioklept, for presenting this film. Cinema’s longest seduction scene? But then….
    It has aged very well and does not seem dated in spite of the gentry and the setting.


    1. That’s alright, Amelia, I show butt some times for attention, too. Once that ‘Post Comment’ button is clicked, it is too late to take it back.


    1. Which principal character did you decide you were, if you watched Last Year. It is a pale man who blames it on his woman. Keep control of that clicker. Still think LYAM is a cinematic version of a Mobius strip and an early loop technique. How life repeats itself and changes and stays in the same place at the same time. The supporting actor is one of the scariest people I have seen in a movie.


  3. I’m the rapist for sure. The only other movie I’ve ever read about that was likened to a mobius strip: Donnie Darko. “[The opening sequence] is essential to the movie’s endlessly circular (or mobius-strip) form, and part of what draws you back again. It begins with a scene that belongs at the end of the last time you watched it — a dream within a dream within a dream… And when you think about it that way, it helps locate the entire movie in the space-time warp between Donnie’s ears.”–Jim Emerson. I get that. I can’t say that I understand the concept (if there even is one) behind the dense, oblique design of Marienbad. Have you read Adolfo Bioy Casares’ “The Invention of Morel?”


    1. This is getting afield of this page. But no, neither have I read the book nor have seen the movie, but I will watch out for them. I suppose Marienbad would be better described as a layering rather than a Mobius. I remember its being described as a description of the sameness of life and of experience. According to one of the blogs about the movie, Resnais said that he wasn’t sure what it was about. But he was a director of the social conscience school, and like deSica depicted the excess and decay caused by wealth. Marienbad is about a leisure class, now extant, mostly, in Europe, having been replaced by novo grosso sudden wealth Russians and Americans, who flit here and there seeking thrills to relieve their boredom from non-functionality. In Marienbad’s time, the old dinosaurs would journey from one spa to another. I found it amusing when one of the characters said that they could visit some other spa to relax. I suppose a feminist/deconstructionist could see it as woman as object. Neither the woman’s mate nor her pursuer seemed truly enamored of her, but the main character was hypnotizing in his poetic like luring her into infidelity. I have known effete Europeans like that – the game is the conquest, not the acquisition. The pickup-sticks game seemed symbolic of what was really going on. Damned sight better movie than ‘The Others’, which bored me with its mysticism for the Disney generation.


  4. Is there a chance this can be made public again? I would very much like to watch this (with English subtitles) as I have not seen it since I was a child… Thank you!


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