8 thoughts on “Democracy”

    1. Those are not examples of democracy working. Also, it cannot be “simply” said that democracy does not work. We are just rabble-rousing, here.


          1. One of the things I like about Biblioklept is its apolitical contents. And also the lack of a for/agin’ mindset. I decided this morning, a game show being blasted into my skull while in a waiting room, that that is one of the reasons we US have such weird politics. Many people watch this stuff all day every day. And get the same stuff as news shoveled into their heads every night. Wherever there is a TV playing in public, the entire social interaction goes into a kind of muffled slo’ mo’ molasses motion. Fortunately, I have my trusty pod loaded with Against the Day and can chill out listening to transcendent riffs of language. And smile blandly at people jabbering away at me about what’s on the tele, and ‘what is real and what is not’. Sometimes the contrast between what is happening in space and what is happening in my head makes me want to scream violently, but usually I have to repress the urge to laugh maniacally. As Anita Ekberg said to the moral reformist in Bocaccio 70, ‘you little worm, I could crush you’. My pod has a feature button that makes my head swell up to giant size elitist.


              1. Is the newsreader the banner scrolling at the bottom of some of the continuous channels? No, I mean that people will watch anything on the television, but seem to really like stuff that’s pounded into their heads, such as the game shows, and the smart a#@ quips that get foisted off as news on some of those channels. Any thing as long as it does not require thought nor much emotion. Is this 1984 or Brave New World? Both? A strange new amalgam of both + Fahrenheit 451 thrown in for good measure? Lots of the drug of choice – passivity. The reason we don’t have a national savior is that there is always Walmart to relieve the tedium of narcissistic materialism. God help us if the big boxes ever shut down. Many people claim they don’t believe the news but then go on to discuss what they have taken in as fact. As Mark Twain said about the weather, ‘everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it.’


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