Alfonso Cuarón Picks DVDs from the Criterion Collection Closet

7 thoughts on “Alfonso Cuarón Picks DVDs from the Criterion Collection Closet”

    1. When I was at the University of Florida in the late 90s—really pre-DVD—the library had an *excellent* collection of films on VHS that were an essential part of the education I got there. Pretty much everything by Herzog, Polanski, Lynch, Kurosawa, and tons of other weird and obscure films that were impossible to find in a video store (this was obviously before Web 2.0 and torrents, etc.). Many of the videos were actually kinda sorta bootlegs, clearly dubbed from other sources and outfitted in xeroxed labels. I wonder what happened to those films—did they get phased out by DVDs?


      1. Maybe they were sold. Libraries get rid of stuff the first chance they get. I don’t know if university libraries do too, but The British Council Library here in Romania sells some pretty good books and DVDs for pennies. Another thought: maybe they got sent to a different country. Our central municipal library has most of its foreign-language fiction titles from donations.


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