A deleted scene from Inherent Vice

6 thoughts on “A deleted scene from Inherent Vice”

  1. How strange that I had a dream about this movie last night. In my dream the film had an alternate ending, with Doc, now down on his luck, out of a job and a girlfriend, hanging around a bar/restaurant in San Pedro with a clientele consisting of salty sea merchants and other Naval types. Doc is eating some eggs and toast in this establishment and he asks for someone to pass him the ketchup but no one does because of his appearance. He gets increasingly more agitated and so he takes it upon himself to walk behind the bar and grab a bottle of ketchup without asking, which prompts the bar’s bartender, owner and some other patrons to drag Doc into the kitchen and dunk him into a giant pot of hot oil. When they pull him out he is very fried and very dead. That was my dream. Then I woke up. But not before I myself was attacked by a lion while jogging through my neighborhood, which was after the part of my dream where Paulette Goddard and I are making out in the back of my daughter’s kindergarten classroom. Good-day, gentle men and ladies.


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