List of writers mentioned in Gordon Lish’s Paris Review interview

A list of writers mentioned in Gordon Lish’s Winter 2015 (No. 215) Paris Review interview

Jean Baudrillard

Harold Bloom

Harold Brodkey

William F. Buckley

William S. Burroughs

Raymond Carver

Neal Cassady

Cormac McCarthy

Don DeLillo

Jacques Derrida

Denis Donoghue

Tess Gallagher

Leonard Gardner

Jack Gilbert

Allen Ginsberg

Barry Hannah

Giles Harvey

 Victor Herman

Noy Holland

John Clellon Holmes

Jack Kerouac

Ken Kesey

Stephen King

Romulus Linney

Sam Lipsyte

Atticus Lish

Gary Lutz

Norman Mailer

Ben Marcus

Patty Marx

Cynthia Ozick

Grace Paley

James Purdy

J.D. Salinger

Christine Schutt

Jason Schwartz

Allan Temko

Joy Williams

Tom Wolfe

2 thoughts on “List of writers mentioned in Gordon Lish’s Paris Review interview”

  1. I was glad to see Gordon Lish hasn’t changed much since I met him in 1986 at a writer’s conference in Pittsburgh. We spent many an afternoon in a bar with a few other attendees of the conference and Lish was completely forthcoming about his dislike of E.L. Doctrow’s work–the honoree of the conference. I had just read Dear Mr. Caputo and was mermerized by Lish–thought he was a much better writer than Doctrow. He’s an original.Sandra Adelmund (formerly Sandra Witt).


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