“Two Guys Get out of a Car” — Richard Brautigan

1 thought on ““Two Guys Get out of a Car” — Richard Brautigan”

  1. Their Dad shows up and changes their tire mumbling the whole time something about men fucking unbelievable strength necessary not my son or something about having daughters instead.

    I’ve gone over it a thousand times with Barry but he was certain he’d heard the old man saying things to his father who passed 10 years ago as if he was helping him change the tire. I suppose he had the better seat as the tire was on his (passenger) side but the back one. Of course we were listening to talk radio as the old man changed it so it’s unclear really if he said anything at all. Once he put the tire away I rolled down my window said thanks Pop as I always do and left.

    Two Guys Get out of a Car
    Two guys get out of a
    They stand beside it.
    don’t know what else to do.
    They call their Mom to come change the tire


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