Guns n’ Roses Update

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A few days back this blog reported that Guns n’ Roses are supposed to play Jacksonville on Tuesday, October 31st–Halloween Night. As of now, the tickets are still on sale. For a mere $77.50 a ticket, you will be able to print your own ticket via an internet purchase. For an extra $10 you can even arrange parking ahead of time. Bonus! Has this event been promoted on local radio? I don’t listen to radio, other than 8 minutes of NPR over the morning drive to work. Are the people of Jax psyched? Is Axl Rose a has-been? Will they even play? Who cares?

2 thoughts on “Guns n’ Roses Update”

  1. I, for one, do not care. As far as I’m concerned No Slash = No Guns n’ Roses.

    I don’t care if Tommy Hilfiger’s slap-dummy Axl Rose owns the name or not. It’s not even comparable to Robert Plant & Jimmy Page because they never said they were Led Zeppelin. It’s more like Steve Perry if he were touring as Journey.

    Sure the songs sound basically the same, but it’s not the same group. And at >$40 this concert is officially a rip-off. Is it just me or are concert tickets ridiculously expensive? I passed on Michael McDonald earlier this year (and still regret it) because the tix were >$50 a piece…


  2. You’re right. No Slash=no Gunners.
    I remember, about six or seven years ago, Slash’s Snake Pit came through town. I think tickets were about $12.
    Speaking of Journey, I find that 2006 is the year of Unironic Appreciation of Journey. I don’t know why, I just can’t get over a handful of their tracks.


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