Imp Elfabetical Ogre

Imp Elfabetical Ogre is “A Fairy Fictionary” written by Matt Friedberger, chief songwriter/musician in my favorite working band, The Fiery Furnaces. Furnaces cover artist Mike Reddy illustrates some of Friedberger’s rhymes about ogres, pixies, elves, and gnomes.


I’m not sure if this is an actual book or just an internet thing or what…it seems incomplete. The pun in the title, and the neologism “Fictionary” seem to suggest a larger, more comprehensive catalog of all things spritely. Just like the Furnaces’ lyrics, the words are highly alliterative and the tales are a little silly. Thanks to RP for sending me the link!

Other recommended bestiaries:

T.H. White? The Twelfth Century? Count me in!


This Peter Shickele (aka PDQ Bach) record looks fantastic, you must admit. Image links to tracklisting, performers, and even some free audio samples! You can also buy this record–on cassette or vinyl only–for a mere $8 (but act fast, “supplies are limited”).


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