Happy Bissextile Day

From the OED:

“bissextile, a. and n.

Containing the bissextus or extra day which the Julian calendar inserts in leap-year. bissextile day (= L. bissextus dies; see above).

[1398 The yere Bisextilis: see prec..] 1594 BLUNDEVIL Exerc. III. I. xli. (ed. 7) 355 The Bissextile or leape yeere, containing 366 daies. 1696 WHISTON Th. Earth II. (1722) 158 The Julian Calendar..intercalates the Bissextile Day immediately after the Terminalia. 1768 BLACKSTONE Comm. II. 140 In bissextile or leap-years. 1854 TOMLINSON Arago’s Astron. 189 Thus 1600 was bissextile, 1700 and 1800 were not so.

B. n. Leap-year.

1581 LAMBARDE Eiren. IV. v. (1588) 491 The Bissextile (or Leepe yeere) which hapneth once in every foure yeeres. 1601 HOLLAND Pliny I. 586. 1834 M. SOMERVILLE Connex. Pys. Sc. xii. 95 If in addition to this, a bissextile be suppressed every 4000 years, the length of the year will be nearly equal to that given by observation.”I want to give a special shout-out to all of those who count leap day as their birthday, including contemporary music recording artist and performer, Ja Rule, who turns 8 today. Also, Nicky Longlunch sent me this cool link that I thought I’d share. Garfield Minus Garfield is a hilarious tumblog that, as the name suggests, removes Garfield from his own strip to reveal the “empty desperation of modern life.” Observe–

Speaking of doing something about the future, I suggest that we all vote for Ralph Nader this year. Now, please all go nuts at me, tell me I’m wrong, blame me for everything Bush has done (yes, I voted for Nader–in Florida–in 2000). But, before all of that, one last Leap Day sentiment from Diamond Dave:

2 thoughts on “Happy Bissextile Day”

  1. i voted Nader in 2000 as well, and if you dems don’t get off my lawn with all that hootin’ and hollerin’ i just might do it again. in a utopian society i could vote Nader with an easy conscience because he’s the right candidate for my set of “values” and “ideologies”…and i felt perfectly sound in doing so in 2000. this time, however, he throws me into a bit of conflict. i do know that there is less than zero chance of Ralph Nader for president, and this time, I actually have a somewhat agreeable choice to go with otherwise (Obama)…this is high drama in politics for me. ashamedly so, i’ll probably decide at the poll.


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