John Fahey Gig Posters

5 thoughts on “John Fahey Gig Posters”

  1. I interviewed Chris Darrow (Kaleidoscope, Leonard Cohen) this weekend in LA. He was the first guitar player OTHER than John to play on a Fahey record.

    He said John would warm up by playing two notes over & over & over for an hour or so, then he would break into the song, daring the other musicians to keep up with him. Darrow said that John had his own “speedball” of pills, coffee and white wine. Fahey fuel!


  2. yeah…the fahey soft rock gig wuz interesting…i’ve kept on playing but never had any desire to do it for a living…i also opened for kottke there and shook robbie bashos hand there as well! cheers! ragtime ralph now known as…blind brand x…


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