Win a Copy of Sam Lipsyte’s Debut Novel The Subject Steve

To promote their new edition of Sam Lipsyte’s first novel The Subject Steve, Picador will give away two copies of the book to two lucky Biblioklept readers (U.S. addresses only). What do you have to do to win? Simply post your favorite line (0r consecutive lines) from a Lipsyte novel in the comments section of this post (limit yourself to one response of one cohesive quotation, please). An Esteemed Panel of Honorable Judges will select their favorites. We’ll announce winners next week.

8 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Sam Lipsyte’s Debut Novel The Subject Steve”

  1. “Heinrich’s punch landed somewhere in the vicinity of my liver. Next thing, I was performing a sort of fetal waltz across the floor planks.” – The Subject Steve


  2. “I’m not very likable, am I?”
    “You’re likable enough.”
    “No, I mean, if I were the protagonist of a book or a movie, it would be hard to like me, to identify with me, right?”
    “I would never read a book like that, Milo. I can’t think of anyone who would. There’s no reason for it.”


  3. Bob looked sharp in his leathers, read from his story collection ‘Vegas, Baby,’ brought the house down with his prizewinner, “Good Hands,” the tale of a pregnant teen who dreams of softball greatness even as her world falls apart and she’s forced to shoot her emotionally abusive father, then wheel him around in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, or at least for the rest of the story.
    Sam Lipsyte (‘Home Land’)


  4. A smile wavers on the Dungeon Master’s face. Because I am brave, I realize, he will spare me.
    I charge the dragon, leap with my sword for his throat. Rainbow flames pour over my magic chain mail.
    The Dungeon Master flicks his eyes at my roll.
    “You’re dead. Deep-fried.”


  5. “That’s the way,” said Pat. “This country was built on the back of dudes who drank on buses. What we do honors them. Anyway, it’s all highly dealable in the end.”
    “What’s that?” I said, drank some more.
    “Everything. As long as you don’t choke on your puke. That’s my golden fucking rule.”
    -The Ask


  6. “Unlike me, though, or the guinea pigs and hares, they were happy, or seemed happy, or were blogging about how they seemed happy.” -The Ask


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