RIP Diana Wynne Jones

According to a number of sources, including Neil Gaiman and the fan-operated site she approved of, author Diana Wynne Jones has passed away after fighting cancer. Jones wrote dozens of novels, mostly in the fantasy genre, for adults and children alike, although she is perhaps most known for Howl’s Moving Castle, which Hayao Miyazaki adapted into an excellent film in 2004. Jones’s work bears comparison to the Harry Potter series, and recent reissues of her novels insure that a younger generation will have access to her work.

7 thoughts on “RIP Diana Wynne Jones”

  1. “Jones’s work bears comparison to the Harry Potter series”…

    Charmed life – 1977

    Harry Potter and the Philisopher’s Stone – 1997.

    That’s 20 years later. I think you have that sentence back to front.


        1. “We”? — do you have a mouse in your pocket? Or are you just a fucking asshole? If you want to say something about the dead author, say something, but don’t nitpick my rhetoric.


          1. I don’t presume to speak for mice, who after all may be pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent beings, but we (that is, you and I, the two people in this conversation) are presumably human and thus operate in a one-way temporal manner.

            In fairness, Diana did compare her work to Rowling’s – thusly:

            “My books were written many years before the Harry Potter books, so any similariities probably come from what she herself read as a child.”

            She was far more polite than I and other acquaintances of hers been on the subject.


            1. Sorry, that should have read: “…acquaintances of hers have been on the subject”. A temporary distraction from a small child, I’m afraid.


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