J.R.R. Tolkien, In His Own Words (1968 BBC Documentary)

From the BBC series In Their Own Words: British Authors. Fantastic 1968 documentary: Tolkien walks about Oxford, shares insights on his work, looks at trees, and contemplates his love of beer. Great stuff.

9 thoughts on “J.R.R. Tolkien, In His Own Words (1968 BBC Documentary)”

  1. Tolkien, Bolano, PKD, DFW, all touched upon in the span of a week? I think I’ve found my new favorite place on the internet…


    1. Ha! You make me blush . . . but in all seriousness, I see these writers — some of my favorite writers, of course — all doing the same kind of thing: all working toward universe-building projects, strange, concrete, fully-realized worlds.


      1. I see that completely (except with the PKD, I’d call his worlds anything but concrete), it just strikes me to see the wide-ranging embrace of it happen thoroughly. There’s a lot of people eading and writing about someone like Bolano and DFW, while talking about liking Tolkien and Dick but not writing about the actual work. There’s a lot less of the actually writing about all of them and seeing the same ideas and efforts present.


        1. Yeah, “concrete” is probably not the right word for Dick — I guess what I mean to convey about him is better expressed in the other adjectives I used. I guess what I would say is that there’s something unifying about all his disunifying, fractured, slipperiness.


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