Quentin Tarantino Talks About Being A Writer

1 thought on “Quentin Tarantino Talks About Being A Writer”

  1. Im a self made writer who is on fb, with alot of my writting skills to the public.i had wrote a book called when the past meets the future.about slaves helping save one another searching for land of freedom as one of the slaves are pregnant name free and her brother utu who helped slaves reach freedom like the late great Harriet Tubman, while in the new age and time the blacks are killing each other due to gangs and drugs and seperated as a heritage and parted by culture but for some reason a OG gangmember is linked to these people utu and free because he is getting visions of what his people went through to the point he receives a pain in his gut when working against his people doing wrong.dealing drugs envolved in sex murder and other crimes.please come visit my page fb, real name. Larry Webster. my profile picture is of my great great grandfather. Sam Gonzales.


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