Books Acquired, 8.26.11


Double—or triple, really, Witold Gombrowicz grabs at the bookstore today. I love this cover for Ferdydurke (even the ink stain doesn’t really detract too much from its plain elegance). Intro is by Sontag! Should this be my next step after Trans-Atlantyk?


Also picked up this Grove Press edition that collects both Cosmos and Pornografia. I’m not a fan of omnibus editions in general, but, hey, why pass up a chance to pick up a used copy of what is likely a not-so-easy-to-find book.

2 thoughts on “Books Acquired, 8.26.11”

  1. Okay, yep, jealous.

    Why aren’t you a fan of omnibus editions in general? I’m not either, but it just seems irrational, more so because when I do crack and get one, I’m usually happy with it (see the Library of America Philip K. Dick volumes).


    1. Yeah, I don’t know why I dislike omnibus editions now — when I was younger they were an easy way for me to pick up many works at once by an author I was interested in (I have a Henry Miller collection of the Tropics novels + Black Spring that is literally falling apart), and also very useful in the lit classes I took in college (I checked out lots of those Library of America volumes instead of buying books). Part of it I guess is the unwieldiness (the LoA tomes can run to like 1500 pages on wispy rolling paper-type stock) and the other part is that I guess I just like all the “stuff” that comes with physical copies of books — the individual covers, editorial content, etc.

      That said, I’ve been reading these Tintin omnibus collections which are *very* affordable (when contrasted with the “big” individual volumes) and enjoying them very much.


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