Dr. Yueh Gets Ready to Poison Duke Leto with His Dartgun

3 thoughts on “Dr. Yueh Gets Ready to Poison Duke Leto with His Dartgun”

  1. The question is not “Why does this exist?”, but rather, “Why do I not own this?”, or “How do I get this for my friends to give to their newborn?”.


  2. I totally had this coloring book when I was a kid. Loved the film and owned it on VHS. Why my parents ever let me watch it — that’s a mystery for the ages. The Baron Harkkonen scenes were some grisly, psychedelic shit. And it must be the only David Lynch affiliated coloring book ever made, right?


    1. I watched Dune dozens of times, unedited, as a youth. The Baron scenes scared the hell out me. I never understood the movie at all, but watched it again and again, trying to figure out the plot. For some reason I still file it under Childhood films, Scary (along with The Dark Crystal and The Secret of NIMH) instead of Lynch, David.


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