Book Acquired 1.03.2012 — Tim Tebow Edition

My father doesn’t read a lot of books, or at least I don’t think he does, but I know he read Through My Eyes, the Tim Tebow memoir. I’m pretty sure he must have gotten a duplicate for Christmas, because he sent a copy my way yesterday.

If you don’t know who Tim Tebow is (that is, if you’re not a fan of U.S. football, or not from the States, or you just don’t care about sports, or Twitter, or whatever), he was one of the greatest college players of all time, leading the Florida Gators to two national championship titles and two SEC titles. He’s also a devout Christian, the son of missionaries. He currently is the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, a team he helped take (quite improbably) to the playoffs this year.

Also: a vocal contingent of people really enjoy hating on him.

Not me. Tebow is from my hometown. I went to the University of Florida. I’m a big Gator fan. And even though I’m not exactly simpatico with evangelical Christianity, Tebow has always struck me as a genuinely good, nice person.

Anyway, I have some interest in the book, although I’m sure it’s pretty standard ghostwritten sports celebrity memoir stuff.


Here is what my dad also got for Christmas: a signed Tebow ball. (My name is also Ed, so one day maybe I will have this ball too):


7 thoughts on “Book Acquired 1.03.2012 — Tim Tebow Edition”

  1. Do you think that everyone in the hating Tim Tebow contingent does it because they enjoy it, or they just end up hating on someone who gets so much acclaim while completing under 50% of his passes?


    1. I don’t think Tebow’s really gotten that much acclaim from the press in his NFL career — he has his fans, sure — but most sports/press commentary has been very negative (the “he’s not an NFL quarterback” bit, which, yeah, of course he’s not and I think he knows that and I think he knows he has a pretty short career in the NFL, but he’s working pretty hard for his team now) and/or media about media (all those “What’s up with Tim Tebow?” articles). I enjoyed watching the past half dozen Broncos games — even the ones they lost.


  2. Some of it has to be because he is ‘different’. Some of it is likely to be because even though he is not great, he seems to be a winner. A lot of it is because he makes the ‘neuter/neutral correct’ crowd nervous. At least he doesn’t snort a line on the field. Men can be cattier than a harem full of unfulfilled concubines about other men who are more attractive and cooler than they are. On and on. America needs to wake up to itself.


  3. Just as an aside, Florida QB Chris Leak will always be a victim of the Tim Tebow Legend. He should get most of the credit for UF’s 2006 season and victory in the 2007 BCS Championship game. Tebow was part of that team and had some highlights that season but he was by no means the starting QB until the next year.


  4. It is occasionally interesting to read the comments on the blogs that have nothing to do with the subject of the blog, but the personal issues of the responders. My questions is: since Tebow’s parents are Protestants, what does he say when he throws a Hail Mary? It seems to work for him, anyway.


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