Books Acquired, 2.16.2012


The Chihuly book was too beautiful not to pick up for my wife—cloth bound and so orange. I picked it up along with Lydia Davis’s translation of Madame Bovary this afternoon at my fave used bookshop; ostensibly, I was searching for a copy of the Mutis book Noquar reviewed here this week, but who really needs a legit reason to browse the stacks?


5 thoughts on “Books Acquired, 2.16.2012”

    1. Cheers—the credit goes to the book designers and artists, obviously, but I tried to represent the aesthetics in the photo . . . Photographing books is very, very difficult (especially with my rusty old iPhone).


      1. I like the ‘internal’ email feature. I can’t decide if it were there before or you just added. How can I originate from it if I don’t want to make a public comment or send you an email?


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