Slavoj Žižek on the Psychology of Climate Change Denial

1 thought on “Slavoj Žižek on the Psychology of Climate Change Denial”

  1. Entropy. The move of the public psyche from reality to belief. Frank Zappa, ‘this can’t happen here, not in Peoria’. Imperial England (the natives are restless), Imperial Russia (we are commissioned by God), colonial outposts. Civilizations and their cultures enter denial and take up religion and reassign everything to moral causes. Nowadays, instead of blame the rich, it’s accuse the poor.

    Do you really want to slow down the poisoning of the planet so that the earth dies slowly while human populations continue to build up and kill off the garden in spite of all the green fantasies?

    Or would you rather have the machine speed up so that the trigger is pulled and it all happens at once? There will be survivors.

    I am glad I am not big enough to make a difference one way or the other.

    Sorry for being so depressing. But reality can be both exalting and defeating.


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