William Shakespeare’s Death Mask (Happy Birthday/Deathday!)

6 thoughts on “William Shakespeare’s Death Mask (Happy Birthday/Deathday!)”

  1. Look carefully at the picture on the front of the first folio. That is the mask of an actor. Read Osborne’s book “Shakespear Myth or Mystery”. It is a great read.


  2. Is this a fake? I thought that there is an ongoing debate who Will Shakespeare really was. If habeas corpus, why the debate? Sure looks like him.


  3. The simple answer is: We don’t know. The death mask is alleged, probably faked, but, without getting too philosophical or trying to channel William Gaddis or something, how could it not be authentic but for the fact that a forgery might exist?

    You can read about the death mask here: http://www.spectator.co.uk/arts-and-culture/night-and-day/6256853/theatre-the-face-of-shakespeare.thtml

    I’m a fan of literary reliquary and scientific doubt plays little part in that joy.


    1. It sure looks like him for what that’s worth. I don’t care who wrote Shakespeare because we have the works in writing, and would their effectiveness change because the ‘real’ Bard was actually a Norwegian prince? I am not a theological literalist.


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