Boy Reading an Adventure Story — Norman Rockwell

3 thoughts on “Boy Reading an Adventure Story — Norman Rockwell”

  1. ¡¡Fantasimal. How much fun was poked at Norman’s works and how little we appreciated his genius when he was contemporary.


    1. My favorite part about this painting (aside from Rockwell’s considerable prowess at realism, is the wide space to the viewer’s left—like a thought bubble for our own projections.


      1. I suppose it could be said that he was a predecessor to many of today’s hyper real fantasy artists. Art is great to me when it is structured with good craftsmanship. Rather than the never mind the sloppiness it’s the self-expression that matters, maybe the Facebook narcissism of look at me will finally bore of expressing ‘me’ and become revealing of what can be said, i.e., no matter who you think you are, what do you have to show. Or something like that.


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