A Documentary About U.S. Maple Making Acre Thrills

One day I will write about the time I saw US Maple at The EARL in Atlanta and saw the cheerleading film Bring It On at some bar next door before the show and how several mentally-handicapped fans came to the Maple show in full camo and how my friend spent the entire show in the back of my other friend’s Mazda in an agonizing migraine and how the show was maybe the weirdest and most oddly aggressive show I’ve ever seen and how the Maples kept bumping into each other and they wore homemade vests and the whole deal was deeply disorienting and then after the show the Mazda broke somewhere on I-95 and we drove all the way back to Gainesville in 3rd gear and got home some time as the sun was coming up.


1 thought on “A Documentary About U.S. Maple Making Acre Thrills”

  1. I had a chance to see US Maple in 2003 at the Knitting Factory in NYC, following the departure of drummer Pat Samson, who was replaced by an arguably less interesting Adam Vida. Nonetheless, that performance left me confused in the best way possible. Thanks for this.


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