Margaret Atwood Offers Three Reasons to Keep Physical Books

5 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood Offers Three Reasons to Keep Physical Books”

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    All the fragility of digital media and things aside, I like what she says about serendipity, In the age of social media, all of our consumption discovery is done through social recommendations and reviews. It’s hard to simply discover things by luck anymore.

    Inevitably, Kindle, which I am a big fan of, and the ebook market will continue to grow. Through that development, I hope bookstores can become a social place where people can come to meet other fans of literature and discuss books with a cup of tea or coffee.


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    Is there a way to like this a bajillion and one times?

    Being tactile by nature, I will always love and prefer books in physical form. Ebooks are extremely convenient, and have their place, as does so much other technology, but for me, the experience is cheapened. Call me sentimental…


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