Olivetti Poster — Milton Glaser

olivetti glaser


2 thoughts on “Olivetti Poster — Milton Glaser”

  1. More Glaser, please!!!!! I was nuts about him in art school … so busy these days, had forgotten about him and now, when I see the perfect inking and colour work on the Piero di Cosimo/Olivetti piece, I remember why he was the best. How he loves to draw, how much that shows through in all his work … there’s no substitute for draftsmanship, it’s the god of the page.

    Draw, memory!

    Thanks for making my day!


    1. Glaser memory:

      When I was maybe 12 or 13, I bought Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1 on vinyl at a thrift store for 25cents. I already owned it on CD, but I had to buy it because when I pulled out the sleeve there was a pristine Milton Glaser poster (you know the iconic one). My wife had it framed for me a few years ago. I know the poster isn’t exactly rare, but I love it.


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