Woman Grinding Coffee — Vincent van Gogh


4 thoughts on “Woman Grinding Coffee — Vincent van Gogh”

  1. When I die
    wrap me in a coffee sac
    from Panama that traveled
    across the sea

    Until then let me be trapped
    with fresh beans in a shop
    inhale the vertiginous aroma
    that floats with me home
    in a plain brown bag

    Let me sip a cup of coffee
    the color of camel’s hair
    have the brown liquid
    warm my body
    and cure it
    of any disease

    Stop me from
    taking a bath in coffee
    washing my hair or
    tanning with coffee

    Have me awaken at 3:30 in the morning
    and brew more coffee
    watch it elate me
    quicken my heart
    put unheard of ideas into my head.

    O golden tincture,
    O burnt offering,
    May the goddess of coffee bless us
    and the river of coffee
    never run dry


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