Mars and Venus Discovered by the Gods — Joachim Wtewael

6 thoughts on “Mars and Venus Discovered by the Gods — Joachim Wtewael”

  1. Just one request. Could you keep NSFW images behing the break and tag them accordingly. I really enjoy your blog but it’d be great if I could keep my job too.


    1. Martin,
      First, thanks for reading/viewing the blog.

      As to your request—I’m not sure if I can comply, simply because I think NSFW comes down to where one works, I guess. I didn’t (and still don’t) perceive this image as NSFW—but where I work is different from where other readers might work (etc.). I use my judgment with these things—in the past, I’ve added NSFW to headlines where there was content of video clips that was clearly NSFW, and I’ll continue to do so…but my judgment won’t always gel with everyone else’s judgment.



  2. Thanks for considering, yeah I totally understand point of view. The content/artwork you post like the above one is perfectly worksafe, as it should be and there’s no reason it should not be.
    My position was that, I’m from a country that is frustratingly conservative where art featuring nudity is considered indistinguishable from pornagraphy, which is really messed up but what can one do but plan to immigrate which I do. Just wanted to be clear where my overreaction was coming from.
    You’re running a great site, and I plan to continue reading it while scrolling real fast.


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