Excess — Albert Anker

1 thought on “Excess — Albert Anker”

  1. “What a beautiful night. The professor’s partner prepared such an unbelievable meal, and I was starving. We all were. I admit: I could not resist posting a photograph of the meal on Facebook and, of course, I got like 757 ‘likes’ and lots of juicy comments.

    I’m one of — and many of those likes are from — the many people who might be seriously kind of hungry now … in the physical sense, so I get it. But my teacher and his partner? I’d say probably not, not in that way. But/so they were delighted when I told them about all the ‘likes’ — they are very vocal about not being on FB & about all their reasons why. But they were hungry for the “likes,” obviously relished them, and so it made me happy to share the grandiose, over-the-top response w/ them.

    Was the meal, after all, in excess? Probably. Are the responses to my posted photo excessive? Probably. But I am happy to make my teacher and his partner happy, to INDULGE them, to give this info to them. I have already failed the class, I’m guessing … and/but I have something to give that I haven’t figured yet out how to give — it presses, fluttering against the inside of ribcage. Excess. I am happy to lay it down when I have it and where it seems needed or even appreciated. The world is hard.”


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