Possible photographic evidence of Thomas Pynchon’s hand (and a pig piñata)


From an article in LAist:

A photograph on the back cover of a memoir by Phyllis Gebauer, a close friend of Pynchon’s, shows the author’s hand extending out of the door of his apartment giving a peace sign with a pig piñata named Claude and Gebauer in the foreground. In 2011, Gebauer donated her rare collection of signed Pynchon novels to UCLA.

I seem to recall mention of this pig piñata in A Journey into the Mind of P (but I could be wrong).

Big thanks to Doug Eklund for pointing the photo out to me.

6 thoughts on “Possible photographic evidence of Thomas Pynchon’s hand (and a pig piñata)”

  1. Charlie Morgan was on “The Best Show” last night discussing Pynchon appearing (perhaps) in “Inherent Vice.” Didn’t happen. The episode’s title is “Yo La Tengo! The Return Of Spike! Super Fan Billy!”. I think this all came about b/c I called in a few weeks back and talked to Tom & AP Mike in “BONUS SHOW: THE HALF HOUR OF POWER EPISODE 6” about Pynchon.


      1. See, I’m long lost in Pynchon-lore, man. And it’s Charley, my bad. Knew “The Mind of P” would stick around.


    1. Visual evidence notwithstanding, that guy is also an extra in PTA’s The Master. He’s in the scene when Philip Seymour Hoffman hypnotizes a lady at her house, the same party he’s confronted by a non-believer. Furthermore, that character has a name on the movie (the nurse asks him if he wants more soup), and he’s in the credits.


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