There’s a soul, or

Still from Hard to Be a God (2013). Directed by Aleksey German. Cinematography by Vladimir Ilin and Yuriy Klimenk.

3 thoughts on “There’s a soul, or”

  1. At many different times throughout this film, I asked myself a question: “is that fecal matter or is that just mud (or is it both)?” The intermediate gray palette–where the variables are a matter of texture and shade–really makes it hard to make out what’s what on the ground and on the walls. Ugh! Such abhorrent mis-en-scene… and yet, I found it amazing! Spectacular… literally. That opening composition is redolent of Bosch. And then the rest of the film is like Bela Tarr… but all sped up and dizzying.

    The whole concept and everything is just really astounding. Arkanar reminds me of Nabokov’s Anti-Terra. In fact I think that in both works (that is in German’s film and Nabokov’s book–not sure (but, of course, quite curious to know) if the Strugatskys’ book has this or not) have characters dreaming of us earthlings. That is so damn cool!


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